1CH Video Signal Booster Amplifier transmission upto 3000FT

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1CH Video Signal Booster Amplifier transmission upto 3000FT

Parts # BL CA101

BL CA101 amplifier is designed for long- range video transmission up to 1000 meters over RG59 coaxial cable. They are suitable for far distance, different floor in a building or different electrical field.
  • Wide bandwidth, video gain compensation amplification.
  • Video and Audio level adjustment. (CA101A)
  • HF compensation.
  • 10dB adjustable image gain.
  • Sharpness and Brightness adjustment. 
  • Transmission range: 1000 meters (RG59 coaxial cable) 
  • Red LED: power on/off. 
  • It can be connected video camera, multiplexer, VCR, DVR…etc.
  • Power supply included.

All transmission distances mentioned above are without connecting image processor (e.g. Quad, Multiplexer, DVR), the range would be reducin100-200meters upon different camera, cable, DVR…etc

1. When finish the installation, but no video signal, please checks Power LED and power source.
2. Video signal is not normal; please check “+” and “-” of cable.

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