Analog HD ( TVI , CVI , AHD ) 1CH Video Signal Booster Amplifier

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Analog HD ( TVI , CVI , AHD ) 1CH Video Signal Booster Amplifier 

Parts # BL CA101HD

BL CA101HD is Special Designed to boost the HD-TVI/CVI/AHD Video Camera Signal. It is Perfect solution to Boost the HD Signal to Offer Best Picture Quality without and video loss under long coax Cable Run, They are suitable for Far Distance , Different floor in a building or different electrical fileld. 
  • To boost HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD signal for longer distance over coax cable.
  • Support TVI signal up to 500M. 
  • Support AHD, HD-CVI signal up to 800M.
  • Built in middle frequency, high frequency and brightness adjustment. 
  • Not Compatible with CAT5 or CA6 Connections
  • 12V Power Adapter Include 

Link cable recommend use high quality 75ohm coaxial RG59/RG6U cable. The transmission distance will be affected by different quality of Camera, DVR and BNC connector, cable, installation…etc. 

1. If the brightness/sharpness gain adjustment are too strong or too weak that will cause video distortion, please do properly adjustment based on different distance.
2. The unit built in transient protection, please make sure to make grounding.

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