4CH CCTV Video Signal Compressor Multiplexer 4 Cameras by 1 Cable

Add Extra Camera or PTZ without Running new Cable

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Video Compressor  Multiplexer 4 Cameras by 1 Cable Add Extra Camera without Running new Cable
Video Compressor 2 Cameras by 1 Cable Add Extra Camera without Running new Cable
This product is specially designed for the video surveillance system to increase monitoring point, reconstruction projects and easy construction of new projects. The application of frequency reuse and signal superimposed technology, 1-channel video signal to other 1-channel video signal can be superimposed through the same coaxial cable. It is the first choice to use this cost-saving product for the new project to save and reduce the difficulty of construction wire.

  • ​Easy installation without any new cable
  • Both videos are excellent without interference
  • Flexible application to match the locations of cameras
  • Long distance transmission
  • Saving much cost of cable, labor and time
  • Compatible with PAL, NTSC SECAM video formats automatically.
  • Debug-free, plug and play.
  • Simple construction, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Widely used in the same direction reconstruction monitor of new or upgrading project with concentrated points.
  • Analog Video Signal Only ( TV Lines Cameras , 960H )
  • 12V Power Supplies Include

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