HD-CVI Hybrid 4ch DVR system, HD 720p real-time record 1080P at 60FPS , HDMI output, Mobile Phone App

4CH 720p Real-time Recording HD-CVI DVR System VGA/HDMI Output 1 CH Audio-in & output iPhone & Android App available for remote view on your mobile phone!!

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HD-CVI 4 channel DVR system, HD 720p real-time record, HDMI output, Mobile Phone App 
Parts # BL-CVR04

Cheap price, HD megapixel video, one coaxial cables contains 3 kinds of signals: HD video,audio and data signal over long distance,up to 1000FT. With this system, you no longer need to change your analog system cables to achieve high definition video surveillance! 

What is HDCVI ?

HDCVI ( High Definition Composite Video Interface ) is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video trasmission standard which developed in-house. The technology renders two HD video formats 1920H ( 1920 x 1080 ) and 1280H ( 1280 x 720 ) by progressive scanning 

Technical Highlights

  • HD Video Format
  • Analog Modulations
  • Transmission over Coaxial Cable 
  • Auto Compensation and Long range transmission
  • Composite Video, audio , PTZ Data Signals 
  • Two-way data Transmission 

Benefits of HDCVI

  • Upgraded to analog HD seamlessly with Low-cost and simple installation value-added solution. Go after the conventional analog system topology and give a full consideration to users’ operation habit.

  • Megapixel & uncompressed image quality 1920H (1920 x 1080) & 1280H (1280 x 720)

  • Long range & non-latency reliable video transmission without additions of relay devices.

  • Strong anti-interference capability & solid interface protection. Free of high-frequent electromagnetic radiation; constant signal transmission and display without problems as frame drop and lock loss occurred.

  • An open analog HD transmission system established and evolved industry chain developed to sustainably improve the technical standard. 

HD-CVI 4 channel DVR system, HD 720p real-time record, HDMI output, Mobile Phone App CVS T04

HD-CVI 4 channel DVR system, HD 720p real-time record, HDMI output, Mobile Phone App CVS T04

  • HD-CVI - The next generation HD security. 720p HD flawless video
  • 4 CH 720P real Time Recording , Supports 2CH IP Camera ( Onvif ) 
  • HD-CVI DVR System 
  • VGA , HDMI Outputs
  • 1 CH Audio In & Out 
  • IPhone & Android Apps Avail. for Remote Access ( MMS Lite )
  • INFO # : HD-CVI DVR only works with HD-CVI Cameras
  • Please Select Remote Access Options, If you will like us to Setup remotely.

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HD-CVI 4 channel DVR system, HD 720p real-time record, HDMI output, Mobile Phone App

The CHR series are excellent digital monitor product designed for security field and adopt embedded Linux OS to maintain reliable operation. CHR series are easy to use with simple setup and have various functions such as record, playback, monitor at the same time and can guarantee audio video synchronization. CHR series built with advanced technology and strong network data transmission function.

The CHR series adopt embedded design for maximum security and reliability, they can be widely used in various areas such as banking, telecommunication, electric power, interrogation, transportation, intelligent resident zone, factory, warehouse, resources, and water conservancy.

Mobile Phone App Available
iPhone, iPad : iDMSS HD Lite / Android : GDMSS Lite 

Use all video output Simultaneously
It has VGA and HDMI output. You can use monitor to display surveillance function. System supports VGA/HDMI output simultaneously. 

Secure video format 
Specialized data format to guarantee data security and can avoid unwanted data modification.

Compression format 
Support multiple-channel audio and video. An independent hardware decodes audio and video signal from each channel to maintain their synchronization.

Backup function 
Support backup operation via USB port (such as flash disk, portable HDD, DVD burner). Client-end user can also perform backup via network.

Record playback function 
Support each channel real-time record independently,
and at the same time it can support search, playback, network monitor, record search, download and etc.

Support various playback modes
Slow play, fast play, backward play and frame by frame play. Support timestamp overlay so that you can view event accurate occurred time. Support specified zone enlargement.

Network operation 
Support network remote real-time monitor, remote record search and remote PTZ control. 

PTZ control 
Support PTZ decoder via RS485. Support various decode protocols to allow the PTZ to control the speed dome.

It is to establish the mapping relationship between the LAN and the WAN via the UPnP protocol.
HD-CVI 4 channel DVR system, HD 720p real-time record, HDMI output, Mobile Phone App CVS T04 spec


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