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Eyemax Vandal Proof High Speed PTZ Camera 100X Zoom, 10x Optical , 10x Digital

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Eyemax Vandal Proof High Speed PTZ Camera 100X Zoom, 10x Optical , 10x Digital

Eyemax Vandal Proof High Speed PTZ Camera 100X Zoom, 10x Optical , 10x Digital

Eyemax CCTV PTZ PT980 Vandal Proof Dome Camera 10x Optical , 10x Digital High Speed

The PT 980 is a very special PTZ camera because of its size. 6 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches in height make PT 980 as small as a regular dome camera. People won’t think it is a user controllable camera. But, don’t let the size fool you. This small PTZ comes with about same or even better features that you will find on regular size PTZ camera, such as, 360° endless panning, 127 presets, group and pattern feature, Day and Night and more. Pelco control protocol is fully integrated which means it is completely compatible with any DVR systems that supports Pelco-D protocol. Using with PTC 3000 joystick controller, it can be controlled independently from the DVR system. Another nice feature is that the nearly indestructible metal housing and polycarbonate cover which protects the camera module from getting damaged. Also, the razor sharp 500 TV lines of resolution provides a rich color picture. The 100 times zoom lens shows every detail of an object you would like to see from a distance.

CCD Sensor: 1/4" Interline Transfer CCD
Zoom Magnification: x10 Optical Zoom, x10 Digital Zoom (Max x100 Zoom)
Day & Night Function
Various Focus Mode: Auto-Focus / Manual Focus / Semi-Auto Focus
Independent & Simultaneous Camera Characteristic Setup in Preset operation
Powerful Pan/Tilt Function
Max 360°/sec high speed Pan/Tilt Motion
Using Vector Drive Technology, Pan/Tilt motions are accomplished in a shortest path. As a result, time to target view is reduced dramatically and the video on the monitor is very natural to watch.
For jog operation using a controller, since ultra slow speed 0.05°/sec can be reached, it is very easy to locate camera to desired target view. Additionally, it is east to move camera to a desired position with zoom-proportional pan/tilt movement.
Preset, Pattern, Scan, Group, Privacy Mask, Schedule and More…

Max. 127 Presets are assignable and characteristics of each preset can be set up independently, such as White Balance, Auto Exposure, Label and so on.
Max. 8 set of Scan action can be stored. This enables to move camera repetitively between two preset positions with designated speed.
Max. 4 of Patterns can be recorded and played back. This enables to move camera to follow any trajectory operated by joystick as closely as possible.
Max. 8 set of Group action can be stored. This enables to move camera repetitively with combination of Preset or Pattern or Scan. A Group is composed of max. 20 entities of Preset / Pattern / Scans.
Privacy Masks are assignable, not to intrude on other’s privacy. (4 Privacy Zones)
7 rules of Schedule can be assigned by day and time. Appropriate actions (such as Home, Preset, Group, Pattern, Scan) can be defined for each rule. Also, it is possible to make rule by Weekday and weekend to simplify the rule.
PTZ (Pan/Tile/Zoom) Control

With RS-485 communication, max. 255 of cameras can be controlled at the same time.
Pelco-D or Pelco-P protocol can be selected as a control protocol in the current version of firmware.
OSD(On Screen Display) Menu

OSD menu is provided to display the status of camera and to configure the functions interactively.
The information such as Camera ID, Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Direction, Alarm Input & Output, date/time, current temperature and Preset can be displayed on screen.
Each display item can be turned on or off independently.
Alarm I/O Fucntions

2 alarm sensor Inputs and 1 relay output are available.
To reject external electric noise and shock perfectly, alarm sensor input is decoupled with photo coupler.
The signal range of sensor input is from DC 5.0 to 12.0 volts to adopt various applications.
If an external sensor is activated, camera can be set to move to the corresponding Preset position.
Relay output can be assigned to work with a certain preset.
Reserved Presets for Special Purpose

Most camera characteristics can be set up easily and directly with reserved preset, not entering into OSD menu. For more information, refer to “Reserved Preset” in this manual and “Direct Key Command” Manual.
Power up Action

This function enables to resume the last action executed before power down. Most of actions such as Preset, Pattern, Scan and Group are available for this function but Jog actions are not available to resume.
Auto Flip

In case that tilt angle arrives at the top of tilt orbit (90°), zoom module camera keep moving to opposite tilt direction (180°) to keep tracing targets. As soon as zoom module camera passes though the top of tilt direction (90°), images should be reversed automatically and F appears in screen. If this function is set to OFF, tilt movement range is 0~95°
Parking Action

This function enables to locate the camera to specific position automatically if operator doesn’t operate the controller for a while. The Park Time can be defined as an interval from 1 minute to 4 hours.
Alarm Input

2 Alarm Inputs are used. If an external sensor is activated, camera can be set to move to corresponding preset position. It is noted that the latest alarm input is effective if multiple sensors are activated.
Privacy Zone Mask

To protect privacy, MAX. 4 Privacy Masks can be created on the arbitrary position to hide objects such windows, shops or private house. With Spherical Coordinates system, powerful Privacy Zone Mask function is possible.
General/Special Image Setup

WB(White Balance) and AE (Auto Exposure) can be set up independently for each preset. There are 2 modes, “General” mode & “Special” Mode. The General mode means that WB or AE can be set up totally and simultaneously for all presets in “ZOOM CAMERA SETUP” menu. The Special mode means that WB or AE can be set up independently or separately for each preset in each preset setup menu. Each Special WB/AE value should activate correspondingly when camera arrives at each preset location. During jog operation, General WB/AE value should be applied. All Special WB/AE value will not be changed although General WB/AE value change.
Semi Auto Focus

This mode exchanges focus mode automatically between Manual Focus mode and Auto Focus mode by operation. Manual Focus mode activates in preset operation and Auto Focus mode activates during jog operation. With Manual mode at presets, Focus data is memorized in each preset in advance and camera calls focus data in correspondence with presets as soon as camera arrives at a preset. It should shorten time to get focuses. Focus mode changes to Auto Focus mode automatically when jog operation stats.


Blue CCTV offers PTZ Speed Domes that are manufactured by Exelon, CNB, Sony and Telpix. Our PTZ Dome cameras are fully functional with PTZ control. Our products are the dependable standard in professional security surveillance, trusted by the experts. Easy to install for use both indoors and out. Please call us at 1-818-988-9542 or send us an e-mail at: for more info
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