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Cat5 Extender

Brand: BlueCCTV
Cat5 to VGA Converter Extender Upto 300FT VGA Extender over one UTP cat5e cable for 100M transmission ..
Brand: BlueCCTV
The VGA Extender allows VGA video signals to be transmitted up to 135 meters via 4-pairs CAT5 STP or UTP cable. Used in pairs, the VGA Extender is used in home or commercial applications as a smart, fast and cost-effective, eliminates costly and bulky VGA cable, allowing VGA monitors to be connected..
Brand: BlueCCTV
Long Distance active single channel ethernet over coaxial converter EOC ( Pair ) Ethernet Over Coax Cable Max.transmission span 2000M. Support multiple HD Video streams over single coax cable IP Camera can be powered over same coaxial cable Pair ( Master , Slave )  12V Po..
Brand: BlueCCTV
Single Cat5 to VGA, USB, keyboard, mouse Converter KVM Extender Upto 300FT Extends local PC VGA/Keyboard/Mouse to remote side. Superior video quality: up to 1920 x 1200. Allow access to a computer from the remote console up to 100m distance. Incorporating a compensation adjustment fu..
Brand: BlueCCTV
Single Channel ethernet over coaxial converter EOC ( Pair ) EOC ( Ethernet Over Coax ) Is Designed to Extend IP Camera signal over existing coaxial cable, use in pairs with RG59 cable to exceed he IEEE 802.3 10 Base T NEX Specification. Transmission distance reaches max upto 200m at 10 Mbps Speed..
Brand: BlueCCTV
Active Hi Resolution VGA CAT5 Extender Product ID : BL-VE01H BL-VE01H is designed for high resolution 1920 x 1200 VGA signal over cost effective CAT5 cable to instead of VGA cable.  No power requested at receiver unit for easy installation at monitor side. The most efficient way to move ..
Brand: BlueCCTV
HD-SDI CAT5 Extender (Transmitter and Receiver) Parts # BL SDI05 HD-SDI CAT5 Extender is a passive device which use in one pair to send HD-SDI signals up to 45m via a CAT6 cable at HD resolution in a point-to-point configuration. The HD-SDI passive CAT5 extender supports uncompressed transmi..
Brand: BlueCCTV
Cat5 to VGA 1 input 2 outputs Long range distubutor Product ID : BL-VE02 BL-VE02 is designed for long range VGA distribution over cost effective CAT5 UTP cable.   One or multi video input to multi output, with one VGA LOOP output (VGA cable) for local side, others are RJ45 output (CAT5 UTP ..
Brand: BlueCCTV
Cat5 to VGA,Mouse,Keyboard Extender Over 300FT Built-in Amplifiers   Features Extend VGA and Keyboard mouse over 2 CAT5 UTP cable to instead of VGA cable and keyboard mouse cable. Including local and remote units. Up to 100 meters via standard 4 pairs CAT5 STP or UTP cable ins..
Brand: BlueCCTV
Ethernet Data Signal Extender repeater over Cat 5 Cable Additional Range upto 390Feet  Parts # BL SR01 SR01 is special design for LAN/ data signal repeater for an additional 120meters. A long range extension could be done by using multiple repeaters, eliminating the need for additional sw..
Brand: BlueCCTV
HD-SDI to HDMI Converter Support HDMI 7.1 Channel Audio Parts # BL SDI01 SDI01 converts from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI to HDMI which enabling users to use cost effective HDMI display to SDI based equipment. It also provides 2 channel stereo audio. The application could be using for H..
Brand: BlueCCTV
HDMI CAT5 Extra Long Range Extender with RS232 & IR over single CAT5 cable Product ID : BL-HE02 BL-HE02 HDMI CAT5 Extender is using only one cost effective CAT5E/6 cable to extend your HDTV display up to 100 meters at 1080p. With Bi-directional RS232 and IR function to delivers sig..
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