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Fingerprint Network Door Access Control 2.8" TFT IP65 Convenient AUTO Sensing Function

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Fingerprint Network Door Access Control 2.8" TFT IP65 Convenient AUTO Sensing Function

Fingerprint Network Door Access Control 2.8" TFT IP65 Convenient AUTO Sensing Function

Application of POE and Terminal Block - Easy to install 
As it supports POE, it can be installed with LAN cable without a separate power cable. 
Designed in IP65 rainproof specification - Outdoor installation is possible
Slim and polished design
Easy to install as it is designed in a standing type; Slim and elegant design using Color LCD and Touch Key 
Download function of Server - Enables to change background image and voice
Provides a variety of info messages through color LCD and voice; User can download background image and voice from the server according to his/her preference. Especially, the built-in LCD Backlight and Touch key LED enable identifying the screen and
manipulating the keys in a dark place. 
Convenient Auto Sensing Function
Enables to easily perform the operation of authentication by inputting the fingerprint without entering the key separately 
Easy self-authentication through fingerprint
Prevents the risk of forgetting the password, loss/theft of card or key by adopting fingerprint recognition technology that is biometrics; reinforces the security of selfauthentication through the use of own fingerprint 
Access Management System using the network (LAN) 
Communication is carried out between fingerprint recognition device and authentication server using TCP/IP protocol,  Allows for easy expansion as it can be applied to the network as it is. 10/100 Mbps Auto Detect ensures high-speed operation; Enables
easy management and monitoring through the network 
Provides a diverse and flexible access management
Provides a perfect control function by granting the right to entrance/access by user group 
Applicable for various operation methods such as access, time & attendance, cafeteria, etc.
Enables a variety of operation methods depending on the settings of operating method in the terminal menu 
Abundant capacity for treatment of the server
In the event of managing the persons who enter using the server, it allows to treat
almost an unlimited number of persons

Fingerprint Network Door Access Control 2.8

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