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Video Compressor 3 Cameras by 1 Cable AP-VA-3CIN1C (Discontinued)

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Video Compressor 3 Cameras by 1 Cable AP-VA-3CIN1C (Discontinued)

Video Compressor 3 Cameras by 1 Cable AP-VA-2CIN1C (Discontinued)

Replacement Model : BL-301 

Video Compressor 3 Cameras by 1 Cable Add Extra Camera without Running new Cable
AP VA-3CIN1C is specially designed to transmit multi-video by single coaxial cable. Using existing one or designing one route to plus new cameras, transmit long-distance, against noise and interference. Even couple cameras are done by one pair of CPS. I believe it will be amazing to you ! 

It’s a big challenge to keep the CCTV system working in good condition. If your customer wants to add more cameras, the difficulty is more than the beginning. 

You don’t need to run any new cable. Using the original cable to transmit both old camera and new camera is done.

  • ​Using existing cable is done 
  • Long-distance transmission without attenuation 
  • Multi-transmission without interference one another 
  • Easy installation to save much cost of cable, labor and time 
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