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Eyemax E4634V 4MP License Plate Recognition IP Camera, 10mm-50mm Lens

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Eyemax E4634V 4MP License Plate Recognition IP Camera, 10mm-50mm Lens

Eyemax E2042V 1080P License Plate Recognition IP Camera, 10mm-50mm Lens

Model : NLP-E4634V-W


The long-range access ANPR camera is designed with a high-performance CMOS image sensor and an independently-developed processor. This camera is capable of reading and extracting detailed vehicle information day and night. With an intelligent deep learning algorithm, it can recognize vehicle license plates, as well as vehicle brand, model, logo, and color. This camera is widely used for vehicle capture and recognition in community roads, parking lots, and other entrance and exit surveillance scenarios.

High-quality image

Industry-specific CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity, high SNR and excellent WDR provides lifelike images in all weathers.

Complete intelligence

High-performance CPU processor helps extract and analyze information of motor and non-motor vehicles in real-time, providing vehicle feature details for business decision-making.

High-level protection

Integrated design with low power consumption, and IP67 protection grade, suitable for various harsh environments.

Multiple ports

Various signal, data and communication ports, capable of connecting to external devices such as barrier.

Easy installation

Built-in LED illuminator and motorized vari-focal lens, providing ease of installation and commissioning.

  • 1/1.8" CMOS 
  • up to 2688 × 1520 (4MP)@30 fps · 99ft IR
  • Capture License Plate up to 26 ~ 99ft
  • Capture and Recognize License Plates from Vehicles Traveling up to 60 kph (37.28 mph)
  • IP67
  • 12VDC/PoE
  • Wall mount Included
  • Plug & Play Connection with Eyemax DMSS Series NVR
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