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HD EX-SDI 3R XVR 8CH High end DVR system, auto-detect Supports All HD Cameras Upto 4MP

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HD EX-SDI 3R XVR 8CH High end DVR system, auto-detect Supports All HD Cameras Upto 4MP

HD EX-SDI 3R XVR High end DVR system, 8ch 1080p Real time video and record, auto-detect Supports All HD Cameras

Parts# 3R-XPM08-4M

What is Magic Technology?
Magic Technology is designed to adopt various video signal types in a single Digital Video Recorder. In other words, any past generation analog CCTV cameras you own, as well as the newest technilogy, EX-SDI, digital CCTV-cameras will work seamlessly with the Magic DVR. Magic technology bridges the gap between analog security and the next generation high definition digital security.


BL HD-SDI DVR system, 8ch 1080p at 60 FPS record HDMI output e-SATA 2TB HDD feature

  • 3R XVR DVR detects Analog / 960H / HD-TVI / A-HD / EX-SDI / HD-SDI cameras automatically
  • Allows to assign IP Camera on a selected channel (Max 4 CH Upto 4K)
  • Supports Cameras Upto 4MP ( EX SDI, HD TVI, HD CVI )
  • Progammable Multi-CH HD spot out (VGA / HDMI) or analog composite spot out
  • Dual HDMI Video Out ( Can be use it for Additional HD Spot or Clone )
  • Progammable Video Spot Out ( HDMI & VGA , BNC )
  • Full GUI with Alpha Blending
  • Individual Setting of Resolution, Frame Rates & Picture Quality
  • Instant Replay
  • Digital Zoom (Live & Playback)
  • Mouse Control
  • Weekly Scheduler with Holiday by 10 min Setting
  • Covert, Disable & Private Function of Cameras
  • Motion Detection with 576 Area Settings
  • Relay Alarm Output
  • PTZ Control by RS-485
  • Daylight Saving Time and Network Time Setting
  • Multi-User Authority up to 8 Users
  • De-interlacer upon Live &Playback
  • 22 Languages with Full Graphic
  • Individual Network Port Setting
  • Auto Deletion
  • Import and Export the Configuration
  • POS Interface
  • Dual CODEC Engine for Independent Video Transmission
  • 2 HDD Bays
  • Made In Korea
  • User Friendley GUI

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BlueCCTV offer High Quality HD 1080P HD-SDI standalone DVR systems for video surveillance cameras and security camera systems for business, office, schools and home. Please call us at 1-818-988-9542 for more info.

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