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HDTVI technology is not the same as analog image processing technology, HD digital technology, or IP megapixel technology. The biggest difference between this technology and others lies in that HDTVI combines the analog modulation-demodulation technology (transmission) of analog image processing with the high-resolution optical imaging of HD digital technology and IP megapixel technology. This provides HDTVI with the best of both worlds ? high-resolution display and rapid analog transmission. The result is rapid analog transmission in a fast provisioning system that is easy to set up, but at the same time avoids the headaches common with network video systems, such as bandwidth instability, data packet loss, and latency.
Brand: Eyemax
Eyemax P2334VE 1080P All-in-One Outdoor License Plate Capture IR Camera, High Speed Capture up to 65mph, Vari-Focal Lens, 165ft (50m) IR Range, AC 24V 1/2.8 inch SONY CMOS (IMX-291)High Definition Serial Digital Interface Supports Selectable HD-SDI , EX-SDI , HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-AHD, CVBS0 Lux at IR..
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